Is palit a good brand

Then i was stumbling around on the web and then seen this card when searching for prices for the GeForce GTX EVGA and Palit are 3rd-party manufacturers of graphics cards. Palit is more of a budget brand and EVGA is a premium brand There are specialty manufacturers like Matrox and of course Intel makes integrated chipsets which are found on many motherboards and in newer generation CPUs, but you can't buy a real standalone "card" made by Intel.

Those 3rd-party companies then manufacture the PCBs and assemble completed cards which are sold under their brand name- much like Dell, HP, or Sony sell complete computers, although those computers all have an Intel or AMD processor inside. The difference between different brands are generally minor. As Brian mentioned, Palit is more of a "no-frills" brand that typically offers the basic reference card without any extras. XFX is known for their double-lifetime warranty which allows you to sell their cards and transfer the lifetime warranty to the new owner.

EVGA has their day step up program, which allows you to return cards within a month and receive full value towards a higher-end model, if you discover that for the latest games, you want something even faster. Some budget brands like Galaxy and Sparkle are known for their lower cost, but have bad reputations in other respects- subpar build quality, overheating problems, noisy fans etc.

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The GTX Ti is faster yet more energy-efficient, drawing less power than the earlier generation model. Where do you see EVGA? Nvidia makes the GPU graphics processing unit. There can be many many differences such as the clocks Mhz for the core clockshroud and other features. As your question sits there is only one card which is the Palit with nothing to compare it to.

The Geforce page is just showing default settings and features. EVGA is a better company for me. Hello please could some one help me understand the difference between graphics cards?

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Could some one please explain the difference between the 2 of the cards? Is it just the company? Please forgive my ignorance as i'm learning to build a PC. Answer Save. C-Man Lv 7. Good luck! Goerge Lv 7. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums.

I Bought The Cheapest GTX 1650 Super. But Should You?

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Show only OP. Apr 6, at PM 1. So when I look at GPU's I always find the cheapest in each range are almost always Palit, are they a good brand or are they cheap and nasty and should be avoided??? Apr 6, at PM 2. Apr 6, at PM 3.

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I would expect the performace per watt to come out better as would the value element, but I take them comparison sites with a pinch of salt at best. I have a palitits build quality is excellent but will see what others respond with as its the first time I have used them. Apr 6, at PM 4. Apr 6, at PM 5. I would have no problem recommending Palit in future builds. Apr 6, at PM 6. Palit are great, they're a big brand in Asia I believe. Apr 6, at PM 7. I had a pallit once and a gainward - same manufactureri had problems with both and both had to be sent off to china for RMA and both retailers never heard anything from them again, way past the 28 day turn around, I basically had to invoke the credit card genie to get my money back, so I've sworn off then personally.

Apr 6, at PM 8. Apr 6, at PM 9. Apr 6, at PM Imo the real bargain was the inno3d X3 2 weeks ago. I've got a palit ti and 2 They're great cards. Especially the ti. Cool and quiet. Had 2 palit s, great cards reference coolers. Tolemac Associate Joined: May 27, Posts: I have a Palit Jetstream which has been flashed to a Super Jetstream. Trouble with Palit is, if it breaks be ready to wait for ages until it gets repaired.

Apr 7, at AM Palit is one of very few manufacturers that make passive mid-range GPUs. The cards are marginally slower than the actively-cooled equivalents but I'm not a gamer so I don't notice any difference. I had a palit Ti still going strong in a media box in my bedroom, not quiet though, but fan curve sorts that out.

Palit make great cards. I had theirTi and efforts all using basically the same cooler with different shrouds and they were all extremely quiet. Apr 7, at PM Palit that is still in my main system for over 5 years. I have no problems with it, just changed the thermal paste 3 times over that period.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

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is palit a good brand

New posts Latest activity. Community Question: What are the most important things to consider when adding a cooling system to your computer? How good is Palit actually as a brand? Thread starter flexy Start date May 9, Sidebar Sidebar.

Forums Hardware and Technology Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Sep 28, 8, Anytime i look for the cheapest prices on cards, Palit is the cheapest.

is palit a good brand

How good of a brand is this actually? In the past i only had experience with Asus, BFG etc Last edited: May 9, Destiny Platinum Member. Jul 6, 2, 0 0. Zanovar Diamond Member. Jan 21, 3, Personally i woludnt piss on them if they were on fire,they sent out sonics out to reviewers once,with heatsinks on the vrms,customers did not get them.

Oct 10, 0 I'm actually quite interested in the Palit Jetstream 4gb Don't think it's available stateside yet. Really want to settle on a card by next week. Barfo Lifer.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Is Palit any good? Thread starter jbz Start date Dec 22, Joined Sep 22, Messages I just have a few questions: 1. Is Palit considered a reliable brand? I don't really much about it. The heatsink looks questionable. Joined May 28, Messages 9, No more, no less reliable than any other. You can buy one and I can buy one. I get mine to an insane OC, you get yours bumped 25Mhz.

You just never know. Been that way since waaaaaay back with OCing hardware. Joined Dec 9, Messages 1, Man these prices are dropping. Joined Apr 24, Messages I'd buy one if I had the cash.

is palit a good brand

Swiller of Beer n00b. Joined Aug 28, Messages 6. I bought the very same one at Microcenter last Saturday and so far no problems. The fan doesn't make a ton of noise and the highest temp I've seen is 70C while in game. For the price i'm satisfied so far.On paper, Vizio TVs are pretty impressive.

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They keep up with the latest tech trends and offer attractive prices. Is there one? Is Vizio a good brand? Should you buy one of their smart TVs? To avoid beating around the bush — Vizio makes budget smart TVs.

Owing to this, Vizio TVs are among the top worldwide sellers. It goes especially for the US. How did it come to this, you may wonder. Well, Vizio TVs fit into the heavy-hitter category owing to the cool features that they offer. Feature-wise, Vizio TVs are absolutely on par with the mentioned big names.

Yes, they play a massive role in this day and age, but there is more to this equation. These come available 43, 55, 60, 65, and 70 inches. So, a very diverse choice. The D-series model is a model, which is new and excellent.


Without the dimming zones, contrast suffers, which is among the essential visual qualities of any TV. That said, the D-series is exceptionally affordable. For the money, yes, it pays off. It comes in 43, 50, 55, 65, 70, and 75 inches, which is still fantastic.

The V-series TVs do feature full-array local dimming, which is a considerable improvement when comparing to the D-series. Plus, the inch V-series set is a fantastic deal. The M-series is by far the best line of Vizio TVs as of yet. They come in 55, 65, and 70 inches. The inch MG0 features full-array local dimming with 16 zones, as well as the UltraBright technology.

Here are some other features. It has an octa-core processor, the Quantum Dot screen technology, Chromecast, voice control, etc.

are palit graphics cards any good?

Many would claim that Vizio makes great bang-for-buck TVs. Many would even recommend them as a brilliant choice for budget TVs. However, the V- and M-series are more than budget television sets. Most of the smart features that they offer are on par with some costly models.

So yes, even if you have the money, consider going with a Vizio TV. Has this guide been helpful? Would you consider getting a Vizio TV, or do you have a better alternative? Feel free to join the discussion below and add your opinion.Discussion in ' General Hardware ' started by adbp1Jan 18, Log in or Sign up.

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How good is Palit actually as a brand?

Jan 18, at PM 1. Last edited: Jan 18, Jan 18, at PM 2. Jan 18, at PM 3. Jan 18, at PM 4. Palit own Gainward and Xpertvision I think.

Jan 18, at PM 5. Jan 18, at PM 6. Jan 18, at PM 7. Jan 18, at PM 8. However, not sure which ones they were. Overall, a respectble make. Jan 18, at PM 9. Jan 18, at PM I thought they would be rubbish but I might get one now. They might all be based on a similar board design, and the manufacturers might buy the same chipset off ATi or NVidia, but the actual quality of build depends entirely on the company. They make their own boards and QC checks might be worse for cheaper made cards too.

So no, they are not the 'same'. Jan 19, at AM Mine got the powercolour sticker on the way out the factory. Palit seem to be good, the x2 is very wide and takes 3 slots from what i hear, probably has better cooling but you lose a slot.

Never had a Palit but had many other makes and honestly can't say I have found any to be that superior in terms of build. Anyway the brands that are stocked at OCuK seem to be all good, although I wouldn't go for the value ones there aren't many big differences between same card models except OC versions, warranty, and bundled software and connectors. Last edited: Jan 19, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your Username or Email Address: Do you already have an account?

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Community Question: What do you think is the coolest case mod out there? Eben Upton on Livestream, July Catch the show here! Is Palit a good brand? Thread starter cst Start date Dec 6, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Nov 8, 3, 1 15, In India, I've seen Palit offer cheaper cards than other vendors. But I've heard bad things about Palit. JuX Honorable. Dec 1, 1 10, Though Palit is cheap, they have a lot of good cards out there - no reason they wouldn't be a quality brand, well, they aren't the best for sure, but you can always buy an aftermarket cooler for the GPU.

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